Get Involved

There are several ways for you to get involved with TFAPB!
(A full listing of our membership levels, and details on committee and board membership is located here)

2. Volunteering: Internships, Committees, Board - Fill out our Volunteer Interest Form, and you can help us work an event for a few hours, or become a TFAPB Intern! You can also use the form to let us know that you'd like to join a committee, or serve on our Advisory & Development Board!

3. Meetings - Join us for a meeting and give us your opinions!

4. Word of Mouth - Tell people you know about TFAPB! We're on twitter, facebook and instagram.


THANK YOU for your contributions, generous donors! 

Baltimore Community ToolBank
Blue Pit BBQ
Memorial Episcopal Church
Legends Ltd
Marlayna Photography
Peabody Brewery
Cait Byrnes Holistic Health and Wellness
The Rising Mama
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Cinder Hypki

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Cinder Hypki
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