Saturday, July 29, 2017

Feminism Fights Patriarchal Power Exhibition!

We are excited to announce the upcoming exhibition of our
Curator-In-Residence, Aimi Bouillon
Please join us in September!

Opening: Friday September 8th from 4-8pm
Closing: Friday September 29th from 4-8pm
Open Hours: 4-8pm, Fridays and Saturdays, September 8th - 29th

Free Public Events!
Saturday September 9th
6pm Workshop: Semiotic Square: Gendered Terms and its Contradictions with Christopher Kojzar

Friday September 15th
6pm Lecture: Rebecca A. Adelman
“You Know You’re a Support Junkie”: Care-Packaging and the Militarization of Gratitude
7pm Lecture: Lynn Cazabon
Hyperobjects of War

Saturday September 23rd

    WWII Gas Identification Poster, U.S. Army, c. 1941-45

Feminism Fights Patriarchal Power is a performative installation that plays on the bureaucratic systems of patriarchy. This collaborative installation hopes to engender deeper thoughts on how we all participate in a patriarchal society. The exhibition space will function as an educational and developmental recruitment system using matriarchal-inspired bureaucracy.

Patriarchy has no gender. Many women and men alike consciously and unconsciously participate in a patriarchal system that benefits them personally. Even when patriarchy is not beneficial, most think that the systems are unchangeable, lacking an imaginative power to perceive a just and fair distribution of power. A culture of patriarchy is made, so it can be unmade and reconstructed. Nothing is ever concrete because even concrete crumbles. We can build a better system because in the unwritten history which we were not taught, it did and does exist: a system of shared power.

Participants are encouraged to take action through an application process to create thoughts on what it means to live by Feminist Morals in opposition to Military Morals, the poster boy of patriarchy, which seems to intertwine as more women gain “equal” rights in a militaristic patriarchal society. Patriarchy sustains its dominance by bureaucratic violence and militarized force implemented through hierarchical structure of command. FFPP plays on this structures of power through Matriarchal forms that will be officialized by the Feminist Standard Bureau . The final stage of the exhibition entails filling out the Feminist Service for Genuine Security (FSGS) Forms to join the Feminist Task Force XX , a self-selective service system that will be archived at
Feminist Task Force XX Initiators : Rebecca A. Adelman, Nicole Ringle, Lynn Cazabon, Rebekah Cherryhill, Shana Goetsch, Chris Kojar, Mitchell Noah, Jaclin Paul, Leah Michaels, Mollye Bendell, Pinar Idil Yakut, Jeffrey L. Gangwisch, Zoëy Howell-Brown