Saturday, January 7, 2017

Please Join Us For a FULL February!

We have multiple events going on all month long, including the opening night of our Curator-In-Residence, 
Aimi Bouillon's, first of two exhibitions this year. Join us Friday, February 3, 2017!

From the curator: 

Through a collaborative approach, eight feminist artists gathered as Task Force XX will recruit and investigate ways to bring awareness to and counter the subliminal impacts of the military mindset and patriarchal thinking in our society. Feminism Fights Military Morals has hopes of promoting nonexclusive love and social change.

This exhibition will be a Performative Display functioning as an educational and developmental recruitment system. Ballroom Gallery will be transformed into a recruitment space with feminist “propaganda”. Participants are encouraged to take action through an application process to create thoughts on what it means to live by Feminist Morals in opposition to Military Morals, which seem to intertwine as more women gain “equal” rights in a militaristic patriarchal society.

We hope you'll join us for the FFMM programming at Ballroom Gallery!

And here's a fairly mysterious sneak peek at another event we'll hold at the end of February. More information coming soon...