Saturday, May 9, 2015

Last Week, Today

Last Friday we hosted our annual Feminist May Day event, Walpurgisnacht, at City Arts Apartments. We had had this event planned for months in advance, but due to the occupation, we had to shift our focus, and our time of the day (curfew). We offered the Oliver Street community a small breath in the way of potluck, artmaking, seedbombs, historic rituals, conversation, and at the close of the night, a few awesome performances. We had quite a few people stop in after the protests, as they were walking by on their way home.

It was a much needed break for us, and I personally met a lot of new furry friends in the neighborhood, and really TALKED to PEOPLE for the first time in what felt like weeks...

Maiden Raven

Maki Roll

Here are a few short clips of the performances by Maiden Raven and Maki Roll...


The next day, Saturday, was World Labyrinth Day! We recognized this by visiting Kelly Johnson's thesis exhibition, breathe in gold light, at New Door Creative gallery. There was a short lesson on the origins and significance of labyrinths from artist Sandra Wasko-Flood, and then we all headed outside to get walking by 1:00 pm local time to walk as one in the labyrinth space. It was a pretty cool experience, especially with the accompaniment of the snare drum.

"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe."
-Joseph Campbell


Today's TFAP-B programming event is a Self-Care Workshop for Artists, with our Special Events Coordinator, Cait Byrnes, Holistic Health Coach (above). Updates on this weekend, might be reported next weekend, as I signed up for this self-care session as well!

--Posted by Shana