Thursday, April 30, 2015

Baltimore, Now

So. There are some heavy things happening in Baltimore right now.  #blacklivesmatter  We are in the midst of a week long (heavily armed) curfew and tensions are still high. We know that there will be very important marches and protests to attend in the next few days, but we have a few (previously planned) ways to collect and center yourself this weekend, if you so choose.

After much consideration and debate with Cait, our Special Events Coordinator, we have decided to go forward with our May Day event, Walpurgisnacht, on May 1st at City Arts Apartments. We're still on, but shifting things a little earlier to give everyone time to get home before curfew. We'll start at 6:30 pm and wrap up by 9:00 pm. We're working hard to create a space of personal growth, processing, and healing from the last few days. So our offerings will be altered from our original plan. We'll have some sage-smudging, and art projects focused on healing and keeping negative energies at bay. But we'll also have dancing, food and performers...because, "Baltimore".

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This Saturday, May 2nd, is World Labyrinth Day. All around the globe people will be walking labyrinths for peace.

Over four thousand years old and found worldwide, labyrinths are ancient symbols for wisdom and peace. Many people find that walking the single meandering path slows breathing, focuses the mind, and induces a peaceful state.

Learn more about the history and significance of labyrinths from a presentation by labyrinth expert Rev. Dr. Virginia LoneSky and walk the meditative path created specifically for the exhibition at New Door Creative Gallery. Free and open to the public, no prior experience necessary! Stay and view the exhibition inside the gallery!

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Please check for updates on our facebook page in the next few days, to see if things may have changed!

Chin up, Bmore. We're beautiful.