Thursday, June 19, 2014


I have so many updates for you! Hopefully you have seen the last entry where we announced the GUTSY artist line-up. We'll have twenty-three awesome artists involved in the show.

Now then, the important updates by the calendar:

Saturday, June 21st

First up, TFAP-B will be at City Arts Sidewalk Bazaar this Saturday, June 21 from 8am - 12pm. Be sure to check us out because we'll use the proceeds of sales to transform a safe space/room for volunteers of The Monument Quilt Project.

We'll have so many awesome handmade things to sell you! Including:

Adult-sized worry dolls for adult-sized worries

Cool cat buttons and magnets! This one drawn by Stephen Towns, but we'll also have 'feminist cool-cat' designs by Hannah Brancato, Allison Gulick, Benjamin Bocian and Shana Goetsch

What else? Edibles, possibly some jewelry...who knows what else! Stop by!

Tuesday, June 24th

Our second month in a row with FORCE! Come to meet and greet TFAP-B at our monthly open meeting, and stay for some volunteering on The Monument Quilt Project. 6-9pm at 1400 Greenmount. Volunteering starts at approximately 7:30 pm

Sunday, June 29th

Recently, TFAPers Allison Gulick and Shana Goetsch were interviewed by Brenda Hayes of This Light: Sounds for Social Change. It was a fairly intimate interview, so it should be worth it to tune in and hear all about our lives and how we each got to this point.

The This Light: Sounds for Social Change interview will be airing June 29th 9-11pm and locally on Radio CPR, 97.5 FM.

Whew! And that's all, folks. Join us, join us, join us.