Thursday, June 19, 2014


I have so many updates for you! Hopefully you have seen the last entry where we announced the GUTSY artist line-up. We'll have twenty-three awesome artists involved in the show.

Now then, the important updates by the calendar:

Saturday, June 21st

First up, TFAP-B will be at City Arts Sidewalk Bazaar this Saturday, June 21 from 8am - 12pm. Be sure to check us out because we'll use the proceeds of sales to transform a safe space/room for volunteers of The Monument Quilt Project.

We'll have so many awesome handmade things to sell you! Including:

Adult-sized worry dolls for adult-sized worries

Cool cat buttons and magnets! This one drawn by Stephen Towns, but we'll also have 'feminist cool-cat' designs by Hannah Brancato, Allison Gulick, Benjamin Bocian and Shana Goetsch

What else? Edibles, possibly some jewelry...who knows what else! Stop by!

Tuesday, June 24th

Our second month in a row with FORCE! Come to meet and greet TFAP-B at our monthly open meeting, and stay for some volunteering on The Monument Quilt Project. 6-9pm at 1400 Greenmount. Volunteering starts at approximately 7:30 pm

Sunday, June 29th

Recently, TFAPers Allison Gulick and Shana Goetsch were interviewed by Brenda Hayes of This Light: Sounds for Social Change. It was a fairly intimate interview, so it should be worth it to tune in and hear all about our lives and how we each got to this point.

The This Light: Sounds for Social Change interview will be airing June 29th 9-11pm and locally on Radio CPR, 97.5 FM.

Whew! And that's all, folks. Join us, join us, join us.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The 'Gutsy' Artist List

Thank you to the many artists who applied to our first call, and congratulations to the artists selected for our upcoming exhibition GUTSY: Taking the Fear Factor Out of Feminism! The artists appearing in our inaugural show are:

Joan Cox
Sophie Monosmith 
Quinn Palmer
Marian Glebes
Ingrid Nuttle
Irene O'Leary
Mary Anne Arntzen
Avery Von Ringle
Lindsey Bottos
Anne Boisvert
Jolie Kumin
Rachel Rotenburg
Agnes Moon
Christopher Chen
Margret Rogers
FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture
Tanya Garcia
Lindsey Bailey
Annie Farrar
Shana Goetsch
Allison Yasukawa
Joanne Barnum

Sunday, June 1, 2014

GUTSY Jurors

It's about that time, the call for our first exhibition, Gutsy: Taking the Fear Factor Out of Feminism is just about to close (tomorrow). So that means it's time for the adjudication process to begin!

Guest Juror, Katie Bachler, and TFAP-B's Allison Gulick will be looking at your work!

As an artist and educator Katie Bachler's work explores personal ideas of home, a concept she's exploring as part of her residency here in Baltimore at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Katie thinks a lot about people, and the relation of people to the places they call home, and how things come to matter. In her collaboration with The Feminist Art Project - Baltimore Katie will be co-jurying GUTSY: Taking the Fear Factor Out of Feminism and striving to contextualize Baltimore's own feminist history. In addition to her residency here in Baltimore, Katie is also the Director of Community Outreach and Programs for the Women's Center for Creative Work (WCCW) based out of Los Angeles. In her role at WCCW Katie liaises with the public on a physical level, going into neighborhoods and communities; networking with other people and groups who are interested in similar ideas. The WCCW is about to host it's third Women's Dinner, this one is about Intergenerational Feminisms!

Allison Gulick is the Exhibitions Coordinator for The Feminist Art Project - Baltimore. Additionally she is the project coordinator for Station North's Community Support Art (CSA) project and works for the Office of Community Engagement at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). She has her MFA in Curatorial Practice from MICA and a BA in Art History from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. Her previous curatorial work includes the exhibitions: Fan Brush: An Exhibition of Work by Matt Muirhead, Reloading the Canon: African Traditions in Contemporary Art; Invited: Celebration Station; Live and In Person: Globe Posters at MICA and The Meyerhoff Symphony Hall; and La Riqueza Del Pueblo: The Richness of the People. Allison has an addiction to coffee, chocolate, books, British period dramas, and she is an avid connoisseur of cats.