Sunday, May 4, 2014

Event Photos: Walpurgisnacht at City Arts!

We just had our second event this weekend and it was super fun. We made some smart new friends, and generally had a great time hanging out in Station North at City Arts. Here are some photos to share!

Walpurgisnacht sign + authentic German posters brought to us by an authentic German ;)

Purifying fire for the straw men, made of: papier mache rocks, tissue paper and illusion

Cait showing us how to do these seed bombs...

All smiles!

Kitty-cat seed bomb!

Cait Byrnes was our official TFAP-B host tonight!

We also had a costume station

The Fire Queen, Shana

Angelina Jolie-esque straw woman


Awesome Allison

A great backdrop for our witchy activities...Greenmount Cemetery

Catherine is a total whiz at costume-making. She showed everyone how to make the hats!

Professionally wrapped burger from Matthew

Some of the CA residents making some seed bombs!

Catherine and Matthew grilling

Desmond Moore with this sweet temporary tat. Desmond made our incredible event flier, btw!

Mini broomsticks are darling!


Into the night, we had a great time! Thanks for coming, and join us at our next event at Gallery CA, the exhibition in July, Gutsy.