Monday, December 31, 2012

Meeting Minutes

11/8/15 Minutes:

Wednesday, September 24,  2014

Meeting at Station North Chicken Box, 6p-730p
Notes taken by: Shana
In attendance: Cait, Ahsal, Maggie, Renee, Rebecca, Allison, Stephen, Shana, Kelly, Marian

-round table introductions/welcome and congrats on TFAP-B summer programming.
-logo discussion about what we want, Katie D. has offered her services for designing the logo. pinterest set-up (modern mood board) and meeting with Allison already. We have a back-up from Maggie if Katie can't do it.

-(need for in-between times ART) tiny art gallery & the making of...Renee has offered to help create the physical gallery.
-discussion about where it it like a free library? (then we worry about possible destruction and re-fabrication)
-does it travel as it's own complete piece
-does it teransform shaoe and place each time it is used.
-Rebecca offers several SNAED suggestions/options for place, Koban, etc.
-should schedule more meetings with Allison and Renee about this idea soon
Kelly's Thesis "Breathe in Gold Light" @New Door Creative
-breakdown of how tfap-b might be involved (workshops, advertising and creating community/public programming)
-mention of film 'who does she think she is' screening
-MD Women's Heritage Center (need to take a trip there and talk)
-Marian brings up things that Balt. Free Farm has to offer, as satellite thesis location
-Shana mentions possible field trip to kelly's thesis for her HCC class, Women Art & Culture in the spring (needs docent tour)

-possible partnership with Hollaback discussed maybe at Artefactory (renee)
-Renee explains Artefactory and exhibition concept, "Cunt" and vulvas vs vaginas
-will check out the space and follow up with renee, allison and shawna of hollaback

Special Programming
-button-maker/art supplies, grant submitted to Awesome Found. earlier today
-general plan, earn our way through life with artmaking and other grantwriting.
-Cait had to leave before we got to Walpurgisnacht discussion (followed up with her afterwards regarding a sequel)
-Rebecca suggests outdoor lot on charles and north, advises us that it's about $150 for fire permit.
-discussion of fire dancing, breathing etc. fire-entertainment. Marian knows people and I think Cait knows people too.
-Shana reserved tag @FeministHaiku on twitter and has asked if we agree this is good. general YAY for that, will follow up with Jessica who does our tfap-b twitter and see what we can coordinate
-'Cat Whisperings' (tentative title) tfap-b reads feminist literature to cats, on film...can be used for prizes for indiegogo campaign, etc.
-we are continuing with cat theme for now, but allison is open to, and would love to read feminist literature to alltheanimals

Grantwriting and Research
space, pay us, operating fun stuff. need budgets and VMGO.  not really anything definitive or new here....we talked about that above, as well.

call for volunteers for art fairs, etc,
call for volunteers for grant research
call for volunteers for exhibitions/space research

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Meeting at Red Emmas, 7p-830 ish 
Notes taken by: Shana
In attendance: Cait, Allison, Kelly, Shana, (Katie D. briefly)


- new exhibition email
- @FeministHaiku twitter handle/content creation
- possible link for hollaback, re: in need of trans artist/curator for TDOR in November
- Stephen's exhibition at Hood College/Allison
- Logo update from Katie D who dropped in.
     -Discussion of tfap b media/image overhaul change from reds to blues/greens?
     -Website format discussion
     -"A Baltimore Minute" content discussion, who gives us the artists, who does the 
       interviews...nomination process from past featured artists (i.e" Annie for this one)?
- Kelly thesis updates
      -everyone present tries to schedule a time to see the space/gallery
      -Kelly runs down all planned programming, and meetings yet to be set.

- Discussion of Walpurgisnacht 2 and possible tie in with Kelly's thesis, world labyrinth day on May 2nd
    -focus on wellness and healing/ poss booth/resource table?

- Education/mentorship...possible afterschool program opportunity, more info later

-Space/Grants - pros and cons of starting the grantwriting with that rather than 'projects'
   -shana gets images and sees what kind of deal we can get from property manager for under-rented   space
-Grants/other - how to turn what we want into 'projects'...will be discussed next time!!!

-VMGO (the start of, TBC)
Shana shows illustration of VMGO + Plan of Action and explains/reiterates the difference
distribution of cue cards
everyone writes their personal response stuff for VM&G
Shana collects/holds for next month

-Calendars out! Set up general week in November for follow-up/next meeting at Chicken Shack, Allison checks their schedule and gets back to us.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Meeting at Red Emmas, 630p-830 ish 
Notes taken by: Cait
In attendance: Cait, Allison, Kelly, Shana, Meredith, Stephen, Desmond

***Shana's note: We missed 2 people who couldn't find us - need a small table sign in the future.

  • Recap Who Does She Think She Is
    • lots of non-members, which was cool
    • helped that it was in CA, built in audience
    • Thoughts about venues in the future, comfy and food factor
  • March 5th Womens Heritage Center Screening
    • Kelly started an EventBrite page
    • not really time for a panel, but maybe some informal questions to wrap up at the end of the movie
    • Maybe after-party to keep conversations going? bars nearby?
    • They would consider opening up the parking 
    • Maybe food trucks? Female run food trucks would be cool.  Gem cupcakes. 
    • Grab your dinner and go in.  5:30-7:30
    • Cait/Desmond to help Kelly secure food trucks
  • World Labyrinth Day/Walpurgis May 2nd
    • TFAP to be part of the planning
    • We will advertise
    • Flyer people at Kellys event to get them to YNOT lot
    • Shana andCait to meet to look at Map and put together a schedule of events
  • IndieGoGo
    • Some $$ for walpurgisnacht, but mostly a general fund for TFAP programming
    • Personal Story is most important 
    • Prizes
      • Screen print bags and t-shirts
      • Pins Magnets
      • Consultations with Alison and Kelly
        • $10 Pin
        • $25 Doll
        • $30 Custom Doll 
        • $40 Canvas Bag
        • $50 T-shirt
        • $500 Vagina Watercolor workshop 5 people all supplies included
        • $500 Pastie making workshop 5 people all supplies included
        • $200 curator consultation 1-hour
        • $200 1-hour Personal Organizer
        • $1000 artwork made by the chapter leader
  • Logo
    • Katie is redoing the word part so its more easy to use
  • Allison Grit Fund - Feminist Film Series
    • show feminist films
    • approachable for everyone
    • sister orgs each sponsor a film
    • allow them time to talk about what their doing
    • Force, Hollaback, Young Womens Task Force, Miss Representation 
    • Every other month, screening and film discussion
    • 4 or 5 films
    • June through October
    • Exhibition in April
  • OSI Shana
    • General Operating Fund also
    • Meredith offered help proofreading 
  • Itty bitty gallery/library/exhibition space
    • On hold for now
    • In the future, maybe good to ask Red Emmas
  • Calls for Shows maybe - might be good for membership and take something off of us
  • Create a shared google calendar 
  • Young Women’s Caucus
    • Conference is in DC 
    • February 2016
    • No space nailed down currently
    • Looking for a space that might be interested in having a feminist art show
  • Feminist Fatigue 
  • (Shana's note: this is a hilarious way to end things. indeed.)

Wednesday, March 4, 2014

Meeting/Volunteering at Force/Monument Quilt, 530p-730 ish 
Notes taken by: Cait
In attendance: Cait, Allison, Kelly, Shana, Laura, Emilee (sp?) 

  • Regional coordinators met in NY for conference
    • they were impressed with all the stuff we’ve been doing
    • Women’s caucus for art and TFAP not doing much together
    • CAA - College Art Association in DC next year
    • we’re maybe the only once with a separate fiscal sponsorship
  • Temporary Art Review mentioned us in an article about baltimore
  • IndieGogo
    • Jess finishing the video
    • Hoping to get it out next week
  • Walpurgisnact
    • Still trying to get the Ynot lot
    • Talked to Catherine at Gallery CA - but she’s leaving at the end of the month
    • Alloverstreet
    • Area 405 - Loading dock? they’ve had fire
    • Block party - copycat
  • D-Center - February Galentines Exhibition?
    • Call for art possibly
    • Allison to develop a list of curatorial ideas for when we have space
  • Laura offered to host something at Goucher
  • Having a hard time getting Young Women’s Caucus exhibition space in DC, even if no exhibition we should look for ways to participate
    • Look at a few more places possibly
  • Kelly got published!
    • looking for more contributors, we should all submit
    • they want writings about heritage, ideas, issues, successes 
  • Sex and World Peace book
    • could be cool to read the book as a group and then maybe do something with it
  • Reaching out to spaces for exhibitions
    • Creative Alliance
    • MAP does a curatorial thing
  • Kelly will need labyrinth helpers!
    • April 9th and 10th 9-5 
    • She will update us via email, confirming next week